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A Letter from Pastor Mary


JULY 2017

PASTOR DICK SAYS. . . “The Adventure Called Faith”


Who doesn't love a good adventure? I enjoy reading or watching adventure stories on TV or in the movies. The bestsellers are good adventure stories. With the advent of “virtual reality”, we can simulate personal involvement in some adventure without actually putting ourselves in danger or getting dirty. But it's not the same as actually being involved in the real-life adventure. Reading about white water rafting isn't the same as feeling the foam in our face. Watching a hot air balloon rise in the sky can't match the feeling of climbing ever higher as you fly into the clouds. When it comes to adventure there is no substitute for the real thing.


Our faith has all the characteristics and possibilities of a great adventure. We see that in the lives of the scriptural patriarchs whose lives were a great faith adventure. For example, the life of Abraham. In his faith adventure, we learn that faith involves going where we can't see. Imagine getting an urgent call from your boss or your superior, instructing you to pack your goods, sell your home, then start traveling. Your destination? You won't know that until you get there! Abraham's faith adventure began with an open-ended travel plan. Sometimes God leads us to begin a journey before we know where or how it will end. Faith is willing to follow God's direction wherever it leads, even if we don't know where that will be during the journey itself.


Have you ever walked through the forest at night with just a flashlight? No moonlight, just that single beam shining ahead of you. You can only see as far as the light shines. Yet you keep walking, knowing as you proceed, the light will continue to move ahead of you, revealing a little more of the path ahead with each step you take. That's part of the adventure of faith, trusting God to lead us to the best possible future, even though we don't yet know what that may be.


From Abraham, we learn that faith involves accepting the fact that the journey, as in Abraham's experience, doesn't always lead from point A to point B. Abraham had some detours along the way. Yet, it was during these intermediate places, like Egypt, that God could teach Abraham some of the most valuable lessons he would ever learn. There may be some detours in your faith journey too. They may be frustrating, disappointing, thrilling or exciting, but the only key in all those detours is to keep your eyes on God and His purpose for your life, understanding that sometimes you will spend time and places that are not your ultimate home. But God has great lessons in store for you.


Finally, faith adventure involves accepting what we don't yet have. Can we imagine how the couple, Abraham and Sarah, must have wondered about God's promise that someday they would produce a mighty nation when for decades they had not been blessed with having a child?


Nevertheless, Abraham lived by faith that God would find a way to accomplish that promise. The adventure called faith involves trusting God for our best future, even when there are trials and temptations, some frustrations and disappointments, though it may be seen distant or even impossible. God wants to do great things in your life. Are you willing to trust God with your future and follow Him as you continue your adventure called faith?